Currently residing on Camano Island north of Seattle, my focus of late has been the release of my newest album, Begin Again.  Covid has given me a break from life as a full time visual (glass) artist, and back to my first love, music.                                    I am richly blessed to have worked so closely with the late great Kenny Edwards, the late great Robinson Eikenberry, and so many other incredible writers and musicians, inspiring each other in the magical, creative process of songwriting and performing.

My mother describes holding me as a pre verbal infant and almost dropping me as I sang on pitch, mimicking her!  Early on, I composed poetry (before knowing how to write, so I'm told), having the sweet mama be my scribe.  Thus the start of my singing and writing. Family life was always musical, both parents played multiple instruments, and family gatherings are always filled with music.  We logged countless hours of harmonies together doing the daily chores.  The rhythm of my life has always been filled with music.

Upon moving to Santa Barbara in 2000, I had the great pleasure of joining a dynamic group of songwriters, with regular songcircles, performances, gatherings, and classes. This was instrumental in developing as a writer, and so invaluable. I'll treasure those relationships always. (You know who you are, peeps!); Kenny Edwards, Robinson Eikenberry, Nicola Gordon, Vince Chafin, John Mooy, Rich Phillips, Jackie Morris, Rebecca Troon, Susan Reeves, Robert Postel, Christopher Zerby, Cinder Jean Penelope Sallinger and so so so many more. I love you all!!

One of the things that sets me apart as a writer and performer is that propensity for perfection, and the gift of total comfort/letting go, on stage, or in studio. Any stress always melts in the brilliance of the all encompassing musical moment.  I am so grateful for this experience.

Enjoy these songs, share, let me know how they strike you.  My hope and intention is that they transport you on a magical journey through a rich soundscape, eliciting joy, beauty, and affirming at once our interconnectedness, and uniqueness.

Oh! and pictured are my current assistants. Left to right; Lucy-Goosie, Toddy, and Aries (now in his beautiful body of Spirit).

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